Gigantic - Closed Beta Weekend 3 and new Video

Gigantic - Closed Beta Weekend 3 and new Video

Get an Inside Look at Development for Gigantic in the New Developer Diary

It feels like the moment that an airship hits the dock is the same moment that we’re loading them back up and sending them right back into the field! The guardians need your help in the conflict between their great houses, Aurion and Devaedra, which means it’s time for heroes like you to step up and join the conflict.

The battles have grown larger than we ever imagined, which means it’s time to earn a name for yourself - as well as a few crowns on the side - and etch your name in the history books. We’re less than a week away from our next engagement, so the question you must answer is this: who will you be, and how will you ensure that your legacy is truly Gigantic?


The ships will fly from Tursday 17.11. until Monday 21.11. To celebrate the Beta weekend and the upcoming launch, Developer Motiga shares exclusive insights into the development process in a new video:

Making games is tough. Making something entirely new is even more difficult. But what’s it like to make a whole new type of game, with a brand new intellectual property, when the future is uncertain? In this first installment of Developer Diaries, the devs at Motiga give us an inside look at Gigantic and discuss overcoming the hurdles of development.

Watch the Gigantic: Developer Diary, the First: 

Before you lift off, there are several things you can do to prepare for your foray onto the Gigantic battlefield:

  • Download the latest Windows Updates, Visual Studio updates, and graphics drivers. Out-of-date drivers will cause trouble during the beta stages of the game.

  • If you already have the game unlocked, watch for a new build on Arc and Xbox One!

  • If you DON’T have the game, you can grab an Arc or Xbox One key from one of our partner websites! You can find their key giveaways on Twitter!

With the battles intensifying, the guardians are looking for more recruits to fight for their cause. This is your call to arms:

  • Download the game in the Windows 10 Store this weekend only! NO KEY REQUIRED!

  • If you already have the Gigantic client in the Windows 10 Store, you will need to download the new client. Search for the game in the store and download the new client.

Here’s the battle plan:

STARTS: Thursday, 11/17 @ 9am PST (Noon EST / 18:00 CET)

ENDS: Sunday, 11/20 @ 11:59pm PST (3am EST / 9:00 CET, Monday)


PLATFORM (OPEN TO ALL): Windows 10 Store


UPDATES: What to expect this weekend:

  • 4 Featured Heroes: Aisling, Charnok, HK-206, Uncle Sven

  • 4 Random Heroes: Every player will have four additional heroes randomly unlocked on their account. (Don’t worry, you can earn currency and unlock any heroes that aren’t on your random rotation this week!)

  • 3 Maps: Ghost Reef, Sanctum Falls, Siren’s Strand

  • NO NDA: Share the game with your friends! Stream, record, take screenshots, and share them all with the community! You can also share all your favorite moments with us on Twitter and on the official forum!

  • NO Progression Wipe: Continue where you left off; you can play all the heroes you unlocked last weekend!


Join us for our Gigantic Streaming Weekend over on the official Gigantic Twitch channel, where we’ll be handing over the controls to some of our favorite streamers. This is a great chance to watch the game, ask questions, and learn more from the top players in the community. Motiga will be there, as well, so come and meet the members of the team behind Gigantic!

We’ll see you on the airship!


You can discuss this news and more over on our official forum: Closed Beta Weekend 3

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